5 Ways to Land Media (Without Spending a Fortune)

Do you want to help your company get noticed by the media and gain more customers? But… you don’t know how to start? You’ve landed in the right place!

As someone who spent 20 years working in the media, I have experience and knowledge to share! I’ve put together a free eBook with five things you can do this week, so that you can deliver your message to your audience — and make sure they remember it!

Will you be LinkedIn or left out?

It is growing more and more misleading to refer to LinkedIn as a “social” media platform. Although it is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, it is far from simply a social tool. LinkedIn is the leading online business-oriented networking service used to connect professionals. Ten years after its launch, LinkedIn reported more than 259 million members in more than 200 countries and territories. So it prompts the question: will you be LinkedIn or Left out?

When actively used, LinkedIn can strengthen and extend the existing network of your trusted contacts. Whether you own a small business, are a top executive at a Fortune 500 company – or fall somewhere in between – LinkedIn can be a powerful tool, when we apply it with purpose.

Those bold, italicized words in that last paragraph? Let’s emphasize them again. Actively used. Purpose. Within these words lies the secret to success on LinkedIn.

Let’s first define your purpose.

“Because my Marketing Director keeps telling me to…” may be the push you needed to read this blog, but here are a few more serious ideas to think about when establishing your purpose:

  • Establishing your expertise through your profile page and shared content, while also sharing the expertise of others within your organization.
  • Seeking out strategic alliances to help build your client base.
  • Developing relationships with people in specific industries.
  • Gaining information about clients, competitors, and industries.
  • Maintaining contact with your real-world connections.
  • Searching for new job opportunities, freelance work, or in reverse, looking for job applicants and referrals for professional freelancers.
  • Reinforcing your personal branding as a professional, a thought leader, or a community member.
  • Connecting your business with other businesses, and in effect your business leadership with other professionals.

Once you establish your purpose for using LinkedIn, it serves as a baseline for your engagement. Or, in simple terms, your purpose leads you to develop a simple strategy to actively use the site. By establishing a routine tied to your purpose, you’ll be able to get on and off the site, while making efficient and effective use of your time.

For instance, joining and creating groups, leveraging your articles and blogs through the publish feature, and sponsoring updates are all great ways to engage with other users, depending on your purpose for using LinkedIn, and with whom you are striving to connect.

You’re here. You’re ready. So start with the basics.

Download this one page document with tips to use while building or enhancing your LinkedIn profile. These ideas transcend across all industries, no matter your profession or title.

For those in professional service industries, the American Bar Association  offers some additional items to include in your profile – and why – along with how to build your strategic network on LinkedIn.

Now it’s time to answer the ultimate question: Will you be LinkedIn or Left Out?

Julie Holton | mConnexions | Digital Marketing Agency

Julie Holton is the Principal Strategist and Owner of mConnexions, a full-service marketing and communications agency with a focus on developing digital marketing solutions for clients. Relationships are the key to building business. mConnexions works to build those connections, one marketing lead at a time. Connect with Julie on LinkedIn and learn more about mConnexions at mConnexions.com.

When you shouldn’t go skinny dipping…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with skinny dipping in your backyard pool… but you can get burned in places.. well, you know what I mean. No one wants that.

I had two amazing people with loads of experience to pitch this week for media interviews.

Their backgrounds are full of the expertise that should have landed them media.

The problem?

The reporters googled my experts and they didn’t have a website or any other online marketing to back up their expertise.

It’s something I had mentioned to them – but they didn’t believe me that it mattered.

Listen: it matters.

It’s like going swimming in the ocean without your suit.​​​​​​​

Here’s what one reporter sent me. I blacked out some info and names to keep everyone’s privacy.


This writer could have just NOT responded. Instead, she replied with WHY she wasn’t going to use my expert. She gave my client really good information that will help him ramp up and score his next media opportunity.

Are you too busy to think about all of this?

Don’t think online marketing will do you any good?

Don’t know how to update your LinkedIn?

Have no idea how to create a professional company page on Facebook or LinkedIn?

Don’t have a website yet?

Don’t think you need an updated headshot?

Seventy percent of job seekers find their next job on LinkedIn thanks to a connection they have there. 70%!

Your future customers are there too. Looking for someone just like you.

I’m here for you. Just not if you feel like skinny dipping.

Are you ready to maximize your digital brand and get media/a new job/new customers/public speaking opportunities? I have a few more openings this week for free 30-minute phone consultations. Let’s talk.​​​​​​​

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

I was in Vegas last weekend. My husband and I wanted to get away for some pool time before a busy June hit. (It was also my birthday weekend.)

I dumped a few hundred down some slots and he made a hefty deposit while playing the tables. Thank you, Steve Wynn.

We flew in Thursday and didn’t hear about the terror threat until we landed that afternoon. Law enforcement was already boosted by the time we hit the ground. Vegas was a target because an ISIS propaganda video called for lone wolf attacks showed several Las Vegas Strip properties.

No one was really talking about it inside the casinos. Possibly because they were on vacation and drinking too many of these tasty little watermelon and vodka punches. I do know security was ramped up. Kathy Griffin also talked about it during her show. (This was three days before the President Trump beheading video.)

In my head – I was prepared for anything.

I wore sandals at dinners and shows instead of the heels that remained in my luggage. I kept my bag packed and my phone charged. (Speaking of purses… take a look at the tiny little chair waiters bring you for your bag during dinner? They’re really looking out for the girl who doesn’t want to place her handbag on the floor.) 

It might be the news producer in me or because I spent three years in law enforcement… or was it all those years in Girl Scouts? I was ready.

My husband? He thought I was being a little ridiculous. But – you never can be too ready.

It’s a little like the bag I bring along on shoots for my clients. I have makeup for men and women. Deodorant, tape, body tape, things to stick in your bra to make your clothing look better, hair ties, blotters, eye cream, my favorite all-natural throat lozenges (ask me about them, they’re amazing)… you name it. You never know what your client will need. My job is to be ready and make them look and sound as best as possible.

Are you ready for your next emergency?

Ready for when the media calls?

Ready to perform?

Ready for your next boardroom pitch/interview/meeting/public speaking event/Facebook Live?

Here are some quick tips on how to prepare that I recently shared live on Facebook (please don’t mind the random thoughts and special appearance by my dog Mariel – when we’re live on Facebook, anything goes!):


I have an entire summer of ways you can get in the media or improve your public speaking — so make sure I’m making it into your inbox and not your spam! Not signed up for my free tips yet? Head on over to this page to start learning how you can get yourself noticed (and make more money).

PS: If you’re going to be in Vegas anytime soon… make sure to catch the Fogerty show. Worth every cent and more. Here’s just a taste of him performing with his sons. What a moment.