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Telling Your Story: Landing & Leveraging Media Opportunities

Have you ever had your message miscommunicated? Via a promotion? Through your salespeople? In the media? It can hurt your message and damage your confidence! So let’s get out in front by talking through how to sell your story so that your message isn’t misconstrued. This week live on Facebook, I shared how to find […]

What Facebook Live can do for you (i.e. increase sales)

Think you don’t have a good enough story or message to go live on Facebook? Don’t know how to make a Facebook Live land you new business leads? Is your only production knowledge from watching Wayne’s World? “Camera one, camera two… camera one, camera two.” Think it’s all a waste of time? My Facebook Live show […]

5 Ways to Land Media (Without Spending a Fortune)

Do you want to help your company get noticed by the media and gain more customers? But… you don’t know how to start? You’ve landed in the right place! As someone who spent 20 years working in the media, I have experience and knowledge to share! I’ve put together a free eBook with five things you can […]

Will you be LinkedIn or left out?

It is growing more and more misleading to refer to LinkedIn as a “social” media platform. Although it is one of the most popular digital marketing platforms, it is far from simply a social tool. LinkedIn is the leading online business-oriented networking service used to connect professionals. Ten years after its launch, LinkedIn reported more […]

When you shouldn’t go skinny dipping…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with skinny dipping in your backyard pool… but you can get burned in places.. well, you know what I mean. No one wants that. I had two amazing people with loads of experience to pitch this week for media interviews. Their backgrounds are full of the expertise that should have landed […]

What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

I was in Vegas last weekend. My husband and I wanted to get away for some pool time before a busy June hit. (It was also my birthday weekend.) I dumped a few hundred down some slots and he made a hefty deposit while playing the tables. Thank you, Steve Wynn. We flew in Thursday […]

What we can learn from Jimmy Kimmel

By now, you’ve heard about this clip from Jimmy Kimmel Live! You may have even watched it a few times. It’s hard to miss it on Facebook and Twitter. Jimmy revealed that he and his wife gave birth to a son, who, after delivery, was found to have severe heart defects. Jimmy shared details of […]

How public speaking skills can propel your career

Remember debate team in high school? I wish I had joined. Don’t get me wrong, I loved being an editor of my school’s paper, concert choir, DECA, acting in high school musicals and plays… but I didn’t really understand the value of debate team until later. Preparing and delivering an argument has to be one […]

Are you touching yourself?

It’s a very important question. You could be doing it – and have NO idea. Most people don’t. They do it in meetings, at their desk, in interviews, even on stage! It’s really not a good thing. I had a client who did it at the beginning of his media training with me yesterday… and […]