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No one at work will tell you this (especially if you’re the boss)

Some people talk with their hands. Some people talk with their hands a little too much. They’re in the middle of a room – yet, it’s like they’re waving down a plane. Distracting? Yes. Have you ever been in an audience or watched someone online and found yourself watching them act like they’re conducting an […]

Curse of the resting bitch face

“Smile.” “Why don’t you smile more?” “You’re so pretty when you smile.” When I was younger, directors said it to me. Photographers. Bosses. Strangers on the street. My parents still do. “Smile.” I speak at colleges often. Recently, at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Communications, resting bitch face came up. Lots of people have it. I’m […]

Why wait for someone to give it to you?

When I was about 35, I remember thinking about all the things I wanted to do, but was waiting for because they were things to do when “I get married.”  I’m not the only one who thinks this way. I hear a lot of women say things like, “I can’t wait to go to Paris (or […]

Will an employee tank your entire company this weekend?

People are fired for what they post or tweet in their off-hours. This is fact. Your personal social media platforms are not really personal. Once hired – you represent your company. A simple tweet can hurt the reputation of your company. Not everyone understands. Do your employees? This is something I help my clients navigate. […]

Did You Know this Investment in Yourself is a Tax Write-Off?

We’re just days away from tax day. You have three extra days this year to file your returns. The deadline is Tuesday, April 18, 2017. If your business has anything to do with taxes… I’d be reaching out to your local media with different angles for TV, newspaper, radio and digital audiences. It’s not too late. […]

Are you ready to go live on TV twice in one morning?

It’s live TV. A lot could have happened. More U.S. missile strikes in Syria. A major storm on the day of the Chicago Cubs home opener (actually, it’s pouring here in Chicago as I write this, but it should clear up in time for the first pitch). You can spend weeks, even months preparing your talking […]

When You Can’t Buy Coffee

It was six o’clock on a Sunday morning and I raced out of bed to buy coffee. I wanted to beat the others. You see, I tried Saturday, but the line was WAY too long. It was down the street. In my opinion, no coffee is worth standing in that kind of line. My strategy […]

Speaking of NCAA Basketball Schools… Go Marquette!

Is your college in the big dance? Mine is! The Marquette Golden Eagles play University of South Carolina Friday, March 17. While we’re talking about college… I just stumbled upon this on my Mac today. Tim Cigelske is a Marquette University graduate and teacher. He teaches in the College of Communication. Here’s a beautiful piece Tim […]