How to get into college or land an internship without an expensive admissions scheme

That’s the advice and strategy I received before I headed into a local community college in the northwest suburbs of Chicago to take my ACT.

My father said those words to me as he dropped me off.

I know my dad – this was not his normal supportive dad advice.

I am sure I was having a typical 16-year-old snotty teen girl day. Quite sure I was also running late.

The point is, I was not coddled.

I walked in scared to death.

My parents didn’t have the money to bribe proctors — and I’m 100% sure they wouldn’t have even if they had the cash.

I didn’t get a car as a 16-year old birthday present.

They didn’t sell my Girl Scout cookies for me so I could be the state winner.

They wanted us to be self-sufficient. To earn what we got.

I took the ACT once.

It wasn’t my sister’s perfect score, but it was enough to get me into the schools I applied to in 1993.

Even back then, it was a helluva competition.

It’s obviously worse now… and I have no idea what it will be like when my daughter goes to college in 18 years.

The news this week about the college admissions scheme is alarming – but definitely not shocking.

When it first broke, I shared the headline on Twitter but gave the moms in the center of the story the benefit of the doubt. I thought, maybe they didn’t know? Maybe Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin paid this guy — and said, get my child in — and that was that.

How to get into college or land an internship without an expensive admissions scheme


I thought they possibly didn’t know the tactics taken by William Singer, the head of the college preparatory business and founder of the charity who is identified now as “cooperating witness 1.”

Hours later, as more information was released, we learned from the New York Times that Huffman and William H. Macy knew this college prep coach would “arrange for their daughter’s SAT proctor to secretly correct her wrong answers and boost her score.” And that, “Huffman and her spouse agreed to the plan.”

Earlier this year, in an interview with Macy in Parade Magazine, he said, “we’re in the thick of college application time, which is so stressful.”

That, I can relate to. Not the bribing part.

Parents track me down on LinkedIn sometimes to help their teenaged and 20-something children get into prized college internships and med schools.

We are very proud to have a 100% track record in college and internship interview success.

We don’t bribe these schools. My company helps these students interview better. The students put in the work — and together, we formulate better answers to their questions, help them gain more confidence in their interviewing, show them which parts of their stories to tell and which parts are superfluous.

This is the kind of consulting from which your student can really benefit.

How do they benefit from having all the doors opened for them?

How will they learn to open their own doors someday?

We started by advising and preparing executives for media interviews and public speaking, but it grew in the past years to include young adults. Internships are getting more and more competitive. So are medical schools. Some of the highest-ranked institutions in the U.S. News Best Medical Schools rankings accept less than 4 percent of applicants.

Storytelling is key to interviewing for colleges and internships. Your ability to communicate sets you apart and helps you standout from others competing for the same spots.

From a student’s confidence, verbal delivery and body language to their social media presence, we work on the whole picture. Parents are very appreciate of the social media advice we give to their sons and daughters. Parents know how important it is — but breaking news… sometimes, kids don’t listen to their parents.

Many first interviews for college internships are now conducted on Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts. We show students how to interview virtually and how to make the best impression. We teach how to frame their shot, what to wear, where to look and how to light themselves so they look the best possible.

We don’t do the work for these students — but we help them find their strengths, poise and confidence to help them present and interview better.

That’s the best way we know how to help a student land the college they dream of — or the internship that will start their career in the strongest way possible.

New Writer & Column in the Chicago Sun Times

Have you heard Shia Kapos (of Crain’s Chicago Business fame) is now with The Chicago Sun-Times?

Check out her new column “Taking Names.” It launched this month. Shia featured my story of finding Mr. (Ted) Wright in Chicago (on a dating site) & our Florida wedding. As a media coach – my job is to help people look and perform the BEST when they’re in the media… so it’s a little weird to be asked for MY story.

Here’s the wedding story:

Nice mentions for Chicago’s Nuts on Clark, The Franklin Room, Mike Potts, Felix and Fingers Dueling Pianos, Emily Henderson, Robert Deason, Alan James & The British Photographer – Photography (oh, and the OkCupid dating site). Thanks Shia!

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It’s Not Only What You Say, It’s How You Say It

Public speaking isn’t just when you get on stage. You’re using public speaking skills (or not using them) when you’re in front of any customer, employee or team. When we practice our public speaking – it’s rarely on a stage in front of thousands.

Hiring managers – and managers who train employees – don’t always take this skill into consideration. Just as important as it is for your employees to know the company culture, history, menu, services, software, offerings, sales, new promotions — they must know the company’s “voice” and how to use it in public when around clients, vendors, potential donors and customers.

The way your employees speak to customers is very important. It’s not just the content — but it’s also in the delivery.

They may know the menu – and all the ingredients… but how does your wait staff talk to your customers? How do they greet them? How do they handle (in their voice reflection) when there is an issue?

I witnessed really good public speaking training during my honeymoon. We stayed at Lauberge de SedonaThe hotel is a spa resort … and the staff’s delivery matched the tone of the resort. This is so important.

It was at the front desk where I noticed this first… then at dinner that night.

Along the creek, the service staff spoke in hushed tones while they intricately described each dish, asked what kind of water we wanted, or brought new silverware. The sound and delivery was seamless. This was definitely their intention.

I would have ordered pretty much anything from our waiter that Saturday night. His delivery made you imagine that each dish was that smooth and tasty — and that the ingredients would make you feel as velvety and calm as his words were as they fell upon your ears.

And that’s the point. Sales, marketing – developing content. In order to do this and get the most bang for your buck – you need to make sure your delivery is perfected.

Their speaking voices didn’t detract from the sound of the creek running next to the tables… instead, their voices amplified the feeling of nature that surrounded us.

When at the bar inside, there was no clanking of glasses or raised voices calling attention to another staff member. They always walked to the employee to speak to them – never shouting.

The valets never honked, whistled or raised their voices when trying to get the attention of another valet. They still softly jogged (sometimes ran) to get cars — but their voices never interrupted the sound of the birds in the trees. It was so perfectly orchestrated. They were highly efficient, but without loud noises accompanying the efficiency.

We were supposed to stay just three nights and fly to LA next, but we stayed. We stayed there because of the feeling we had… and that feeling was created by their people. Their well trained people.

It’s something you can’t always tell about a company by reading their website. We didn’t know how much we’d enjoy the resort until we arrived. Their location and offerings attract customers — but I found out while there, that many people are return guests. That’s where their staff and training comes in. I’ve left or not done repeat business with companies because of unfortunate training of staffs. Lauberge’s people make customers want to become repeat guests.

Do you need help with public speaking? Your staff’s public speaking? I teach how to tell your story online, on video, on stage and in the media. I work on your messaging, delivery, body language, and appearance. Let me know how I can help. Click here to book time with me.




Producing the Best You


You’re an expert in your industry.

You’re smart and you worked hard to get where you are right now.

You’ve seen other people in your industry used as an expert in the media.

You’ve seen the interviews on TV. You know, with the right training – you could be on TV or quoted in a magazine article.

Portrait Session

You have a story to tell – but you don’t know how to get the attention from the media.

You want to learn how to present better in public – how to tell your company’s story – and keep the interest of your audience.

You need someone to show you what to wear, how to speak more passionately and how to deliver your message in a way that will stay with your audience. Maybe even call a few TV stations to land you appearances.

That’s exactly what I do.

Kathryn interviewing World War II veteran, Delton “Wally” Walling, at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii (2015)

Kathryn interviewing a World War II veteran at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii (2015)

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