9 08 2017

What NOT to Do When You’re on TV or Speaking in Public

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Picture courtesy of CBS This Morning   When I'm watching TV news, my ears always perk up when I hear real estate or investing stories. The other day, I was watching CBS This Morning while running around the house. We just purchased a house and we're in moving mode packing and interviewing renters to live in our other place, so this story on TV [...]

10 04 2017

When You Can’t Buy Coffee

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It was six o'clock on a Sunday morning and I raced out of bed to buy coffee. I wanted to beat the others. You see, I tried Saturday, but the line was WAY too long. It was down the street. In my opinion, no coffee is worth standing in that [...]

15 03 2017

Speaking of NCAA Basketball Schools… Go Marquette!

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Picture courtesy of Marquette University    Is your college in the big dance? Mine is! The Marquette Golden Eagles play University of South Carolina Friday, March 17. While we're talking about college... I just stumbled upon this on my Mac today. Tim Cigelske is a Marquette University graduate and teacher. He [...]