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Are You Going to Wing It?

Or Are You Going to BRING It?

A big sale… a huge investment…
a front-page story… a prime-time interview…

You might have millions of dollars riding on this one speaking or media opportunity.

Are you going to wing it? Or are you going to bring it?

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As an executive at a powerful and growing corporation…
you’re used to planning everything. You only allow highly-trained professionals to touch each area of the business.

Yet if you treated your accounting… or even your office cleaning… with as little thought as most executives treat their public speaking and interviews… your accounting and your office would be a mess!

You’re a business visionary, a strategist, a leader, a rainmaker…

But are you a great public speaker? Are you made for video and media?

If you’re honest with yourself… the answer is probably “no.” Very few executives are.

When you’re ready to become one of the elite executives who can bring in millions of dollars for your company… just through one talk or interview…

Then you need to know this secret:

Most of the leaders and executives who shine on stage and on video weren’t born that way.

They learned how to do it. More specifically… they trained to do it.

This means… most of them had public speaking and media trainers.

High Performance is a

Performing Art…

You may not realize it… but public speaking and media are performing arts. They have more in common with being a singer or an actor than they do with being a business strategist.

Most executives think that the things that make them great executives will also make them great public speakers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s like thinking that the things that make you great at manufacturing and selling microphones will also make you great at singing through the microphones.

You wouldn’t expect to get up on stage and sing a song that electrifies your audience without training.

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So why do so many executives
think they can get on stage and
give a speech that electrifies
their audience without training?

Why do so many executives think they can give an Oscar-worthy monologue… without having taken acting lessons?

Without proper training… your talk or interview is at best boring… and at worst DOA. So are whatever results you could have gained for your company by giving a rousing talk your audience would never forget.

You may have millions of dollars riding on this one talk or interview. You may have the chance to make your company or new product a household name. You’ve invested days out of your schedule to travel to the event.

Are you going to flub this
chance just because you
didn’t want to spend a few
hours learning how to deliver
your message powerfully?

Or are you going to be one of the elite speakers who understand the need for training and therefore wins gold?

If you’re ready to win gold for your company on stage and on camera…

Then you need an Olympic-worthy trainer.

Schedule Your Free 20-Minute Private
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Public Speaking and
Media Performance Coach
to Fortune 100 CEOs

In this free consultation, you will:

Some other speaking and media trainers have a few years of experience being TV anchors, reporters, and on-air talent.

I’m the person who  trains
the TV anchors and reporters.

If you want to learn to golf better… a great golfer might give you a few pointers.

But a great trainer of golfers will change your game forever.

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Hi, I’m

Kathryn Janicek…

A three-time Emmy award-winning media coach and public speaking trainer with 20 years of experience.

I have a passion for helping others turn opportunities into gold, and to say I’ve been doing this with proven success for a long time is an understatement…

This is a Results-Driven Business & I am Driven By Exceptional Results…

This is  What My Clients Say Working With Me

Kathryn quickly understood the needs of our organization and helped energize and polish our key executives for an upcoming speaking event.

We saw overwhelming improvement and look forward to continuing to work with her. There’s no one better!
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Julia Weiss
Director of
Communications, CoinFlip

Kathryn Janicek is a seasoned media expert who has helped me take my professional speaking, branding, image, and media presence to the next level.

I most appreciate her intelligence,
vast knowledge, key contacts, keen
insight and candor.
Joyce Image
Joyce Marter, LCPC
National Speaker, Author, &
Midwest Chair of the American
Counseling Association

I was working on a summer
project for Super League

She handled the hard stuff with
ease, and when I needed last minute
assistance, onsite in Chicago, she
said “I got this. Tell me time and location.”
Emilia Image
Emilia Serrano
TV and Film Writer

Step Backstage & Uncover Speaking
Secrets  From The Best in The Biz

I am a Three-Time Emmy Award Winner &
I Want To Help You and Your Team Turn Media
& Public Speaking Opportunities into Gold

It’s time to get your message across in seconds so what you say becomes a headline.

After all, you’ve spent a ton of money on PR to get your dream interview… or maybe you’re traveling across the country and taking days out of your already busy schedule to deliver an important, possibly life-changing talk… Do You Want To Waste This One Shot?

Of course not! This is why I help busy, ambitious, and talented executives like yourself because I know the potential a powerful talk, interview, and media appearance can have.

With 20+ years of experience…
I have the service you need to deliver the results you desire.

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