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Public Speaking

Involves A Lot More Than

Standing on Stage!

It’s The Missing Ingredient You Didn’t Know You Needed…

I get it… Public Speaking isn’t for everyone. Where a small number rise to the occasion, most get bombarded with nerves, anxiety, and apprehension.

But here’s the secret even the most confident and compelling speakers don’t tell you.

… they too feel the nerves, anxiety, and apprehension!

The only difference is they know how to control them.

Here’s something else nobody talks about… Public Speaking involves a lot more than stage talks or standing in front of large conference audiences. 

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It also includes:

Presenting Annual Reports

Speaking on Panels

Performing Job Interviews

Being Interviewed For a Job

Leading Meetings

and much, much more!!

To assume Public Speaking only applies to standing on stage is like presuming all an executive does is have meetings. There’s much more to it than that…

As a leader, as an executive – there is a “stage” element. “All the world’s a stage.”

Your intellect and leadership skills, like relationship building, are essential. Great leaders know to work on stage presence because they’re always “on stage”.

Whether it’s on a big stage – or with two people on a Zoom call…

Everything you’re doing is looked at, criticized, and analyzed. 

From the secrets to body language to confidence boosting tactics, I ensure you bring it every time with my proven three-step Public Speaking Coaching that transforms how you speak to those that need to hear you.

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We start as I help you find your voice, ensuring you present yourself in a way that captures and compels your audience—whether you’re speaking to a small group or a large room of delegates. 


After years of working in TV, I know the tips of the trade to help you practice your talk in the most efficient and effective manner. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, practice is what creates a natural and attention-grabbing delivery. 


Kathryn Janicek Image
Kathryn Janicek Image



I’ve worked with a lot of talented individuals, but I’ve yet to meet someone who gets it right the first time. This is why I continue to work with you to iterate and evolve both your speech and how you deliver it. Within a short period of time, it will feel like you’ve been doing this your entire life. 


What My Clients Say

About My Media/PR Training

Kathryn quickly understood the needs of our organization and helped energize and polish our key executives for an upcoming speaking event.

We saw overwhelming improvement and look forward to continuing to work with her. There’s no one better!
Julia Weiss Image
Julia Weiss
Director of Communications, CoinFlip
The world’s largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs & Chicago's fastest-growing company.

Kathryn Janicek is a seasoned media expert who has helped me take my professional speaking, branding, image, and media presence to the next level.

I most appreciate her intelligence,
vast knowledge, key contacts, keen
insight and candor.
Joyce Image
Joyce Marter, LCPC
National Speaker, Author, &
Midwest Chair of the American
Counseling Association

Her coaching leads to successful presentations – Kathryn was great!

Kathryn provides excellent feedback that can be immediately implemented.
Megan Richards Martin
PR, Equinox Fitness Clubs

Schedule Your Free 20-Minute Private Consultation With Kathryn Janicek

With 20+ years of experience and having worked with a vast variety 
of actors, news anchors, CEOs, politicians, executives, and leaders… 
I appreciate the essential role Public Speaking plays in your work.

Not just those big product launches or annual conferences…

… but every day as you have to bring your best to those you lead!

Despite what some may say, Public Speaking isn’t an innate trait you’re born with. It’s a skill you both have to learn and practice.

I know how to do both, not with a standard process but with a bespoke experience I build specifically for you and your exact situation.

So let’s Schedule Your Free 20-Minute Private Consultation so 
I can learn about you, your current circumstances, and what successful public speaking looks like for you.

This is a no-obligation consultation where I provide actionable advice no matter what.

So let’s talk and explore the steps you need to take…

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Free 20-Minute

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