You worked hard to get to where you are
— and you’re not done yet.

Hard work, passion, and commitment have landed you on the path to success.
Now you need that extra edge. A straight shooter with skill, experience,
and a whole lot of grit.

That’s where I come in.

I Produce the Best You.

I’m the three-time Emmy award-winning media coach and public speaking trainer with 20 years of experience you can trust.

I trained news teams (and still do) across the United States as an executive producer, producer and a national network Vice President of News.

I’ve been on the other side of the microphone too. I’ve reported for TV stations and was the spokesperson for a major law enforcement agency.

My passion lies in helping others.

I help my clients tell their stories. Whether it’s in the media, on video, on social media, on stage, in the boardroom, or in one-on-one meetings.

I’ll help you present at a higher level, tell your stories to attract dream clients/donors/investors/employers/fans, and achieve the confidence and success you deserve.

My clients range from CEOs, pro athletes, politicians, entrepreneurs, sales teams and healthcare providers — to recent college grads who need help with their interviewing skills.

I am a media strategy expert.

I will teach you how to tell your story in the media and in front of live audiences.

I show you the story that’s inside of you — or your company – that the media will love.

I will help you get your story in the media
and I will coach you on how to look and sound the best in your interview.

I’ve interviewed notable celebrities, politicians and athletes. I have coached anchors, reporters, producers, and writers across the United States. I have made the call on what stories to put in newscasts for 20 years. I know the news and what the media wants and needs. I will help you get your story told.

My team will make sure you’re ready, you look great, your body language and verbal delivery are on point – and you have the confidence to deliver your story to a live audience. I work with the best makeup artists, wardrobe specialists and hair stylists to help Produce the Best You.

You have a story to tell – you just need to leverage your talent to gain the right attention. I’m an expert in digging up and fine-tuning my clients’ most interesting and sellable stories. I teach them how to tell those stories in ways that keep audiences interested. And like me, my clients are experts in what they do.

I also use my public relations and crisis communications experience to help you prepare and shine when the worst happens. As spokesperson for the law enforcement agency that handled the deadly 35W bridge collapse in Minneapolis – I coordinated all local, national and international media. I also trained law enforcement agencies on how to work with media during major crisis’. I’ll teach you how to prepare for the worst so you can come out
looking great.

I am a public speaking coach.

For many, the idea of presenting in front of others causes immediate anxiety. I help you stand and present with conviction. I teach you how to keep the attention of a live audience – whether it’s a small team or several thousand people.

My clients are rockstars in their industries – they’re being asked to take on more public speaking – but something is holding them back.

They come to me for help with body language, wardrobe, verbal delivery and confidence.

I coach professionals looking to move up in their careers, those who are making major speeches for the first time (or the 100th time) and spokespeople who need to get “media ready.” I also coach sales teams on how to connect with clients in person, on webinars, on the phone and on social media.

Many times, a professional is asked to speak in public in a language that is not their native one. I work with clients who speak English as their second or third language. We work on delivery, pronunciation and vocabulary.

I’m a video producer.

As a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer, winner of a 2018 National Telly Award for television producing, several Associated Press Awards and an Illinois Broadcasters Association Award for Best Use of New Media (social media) — you can trust me to develop, shoot and edit videos that will grab your audience’s attention, gain their trust and engage them to act.

I get the best out of you and your team. I will tell your story in the best light. Trust me to Produce the Best You in video for your website, social media, marketing, advertising, sales demos, annual meetings, and fundraising events.

I work with professional crews for shooting, sound and lighting all over the United States. We help you develop the video ideas, conduct the interviews, shoot all the video you need and create compelling videos with music and graphics. Our post production process Produces the Best You – for you and your company.

We cover it all for you: video production, public speaking coaching, writing, makeup, wardrobe and hair.

Here are some examples of videos I’ve produced for my clients.

I am a trainer.

I train individuals and large groups at every level.

Here are some of the trainings I can deliver for you:

  • Public speaking
  • Media coaching
  • Crisis communications
  • Sales team training:
    • Bow to deliver your message and connect with audiences more effectively in person, on webinars and on the phone.
    • Branding yourself and your company.
    • We will walk through digital marketing, talking points, elevator speeches and make sure all employees fully understand the company messages values – and know how and when to deliver them.

I am a strategic partner.

Confidentiality is everything. When we work together, I am working for you and on your behalf. I am discreet. Sometimes my clients prefer to keep me as a secret. I work with them before and after work hours so no one knows they’re receiving training. Most clients don’t talk about me… but you’ll notice a change in them after I work with them.

When you work with my team – you’re a part of something greater.

I mentor college students and I’m active as a board member of the Patriot Education Fund. I donate my time and a portion of my staff’s time to this fund. Patriot Education Fund sends military members and their families to college.

Let’s Produce the Best You.