1705 2022

Panicked your Zoom audience is bored? Follow my 3-part framework to alleviate your stress

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The first time I presented after starting my company was a nightmare. I was terrible. A major Chicago publisher asked me to talk about how small businesses can land TV interviews. There were about 100 people in the room. I wasn't that nervous. But I felt like I had to prove myself. So I spit out about three hours of [...]

1005 2022

Email or text isn’t enough. A mindset switch to instantly win more customers

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My daughter turned three recently. I spent a couple of weeks brainstorming. I called my contacts to find the perfect gluten-free cake that would also be over the top beautiful, hunted down the best "mermaid rainbow" decorations I could find at a local stationery shop, and built a menu for the weekend. While working almost 10 hours a day. And [...]

2604 2022

Building common ground is key to reaching your goals faster

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People want to do business with people they know, like, and trust. But what do you do if you're meeting someone for the first time and want to convince them to do something, such as hire you to speak or buy something else from you? Those first few minutes are vital in making a solid first impression and earning their [...]

1904 2022

Feeling resistant to something? Trust your gut and see good things happen

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If you have resistance to something this morning, trust your gut and know you feel that resistance for a good reason. Sometimes we think we must push through, forcing something to happen. I fight this daily now. When I used to force things to go exactly as I wanted them to, even while facing resistance, it usually came at a [...]

1204 2022

Your reaction is your reputation: How to keep your cool when the heat is on

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I was at a dinner party recently with eight other Chicago women. My lawyer hosted it. When one woman arrived (also a lawyer), she had a Starbucks in her hand and joked, "Who walks into a dinner party with her own coffee?" More on her in a second. Last week, my toddler had a meltdown in Costco when I wouldn't [...]

2203 2022

Feeling beaten down? How to find your power again as a leader

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We all have seasons in our careers where we’ve been knocked down. It might be getting laid off, having a toxic boss, or losing a business. The question is: Will you get back up? And if so, how do you start? One of my clients received a significant industry award this week. When we started working together a year ago, [...]