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Become the

“Go-To Expert

The Media Turns To

Are you tired of seeing other people on
TV and in the Media with less experience,
expertise, and talent than you?

Do you have an important message to share but struggle to get the word out when you need to?

Kathryn Janicek Mobile Image
Kathryn Janicek Mobile Image

If so, don’t worry, you are not alone.

This is why many of my clients turn to me…

Because I know what it takes to get the media to take note.

And I know what it takes to keep them coming back to you again and again.

There’s a reason you see the same people in your industry appear in the media time after time. And no… it isn’t because they have more experience or expertise than you.

It comes down to knowing the right steps to take.

And then … how to best implement them!

With 20+ years of experience, I know what these steps are and I’ve personally trained hundreds to lead from the front and become the “go-to” expert in your industry.

There was a time none of this was necessary…

But that time has passed because today it’s essential to your business’ success!

Why? Because there’s more competition than ever, and getting noticed gets harder each year. This means there are more opportunities to generate invaluable PR than ever before… but only if you’re ready to step up and take these opportunities in both hands!

This is where my

Media Strategy, PR & Communications

comes in because I help you…

Craft Authentic

Whether you pitch the media or they come to you, you need to know what to say, how to say it, and, most importantly… how to deliver it with feeling, passion, and in a way that captures and keeps their attention.

Kathryn Janicek Image
Kathryn Janicek Image
Kathryn Janicek Image

Connect with The Right

Unless you know how to coordinate with journalists, reporters, and producers… you do not know. The good news is that I do, and I can build a roadmap to develop relationships with those you need to.


with These People

Having the right connections is one thing, but speaking their language and remaining top of mind so they come to you when they need an expert to appear on their show is another. I know how to communicate with them because it’s a world I was a part of for a long time.

Kathryn Janicek Image
Kathryn Janicek Image

Whether you have a new product, service, or launch you want to promote… or maybe you simply want to be top of mind… or maybe you’re in crisis-management mode and need to turn a potentially bad situation around quickly and effectively… building the right relationships with the media is fundamental to success in today’s fast-paced and competitive world.

The question is, are you currently set
up for success?

Or are you, like most… set up to react when it’s already too late…

Here’s What My Clients Say
About My Media/PR Training

I’ve worked with many (many!) media and public speaking trainers over the last 28 years, and I can tell you without hesitation Kathryn is one of the best.

Of course, she’s great at helping with body language, visuals, eye contact, bridging, flagging, landing messages, etc. But where she really shines is in helping folks think about the impression they make and ensuring they’re seen, not just heard.
VP, Media, and Crisis Communications,
Fortune 50 Company

When I am on set, whether television or radio, I know I’m prepared because she prepared! I know I’m in good hands.

It’s really hard to sum Kathryn up in aline or two. She’s really an amazing person. Her drive, determination, attention to detail and professionalism really sets her apart from anyone else. When I am on set, whether television or radio, I know I’m prepared because she prepared! I know I’m in good hands. I am so blessed to have her as a friend and colleague!
Lynn O Connor Image
Dr.Lynn O‘Connor M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.C.R.S.
Colorectal Surgeon, National Speaker, Consultant & Author

Kathryn Janicek is a rare find.

She has an innate ability to connect with people, meet them where they are and bring them farther than they thought they could go, it’s amazing to watch. Cookie-cutter media trainings just don’t cut it with Kathryn, she adapts, pivots, and freely shares her knowledge and most importantly her passion. She knows how to draw people in and create a comfortable but challenging place to learn. There is nothing better.
College of American Pathologists

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As a Three-Time Emmy Award Winner
with 20+ years of proven experience,

I have a unique insight into the world of media, journalism, and TV production.

I know how they think and I appreciate what they look for when turning to an expert.

Chances are, right now you aren’t set up to take advantage of these opportunities. But that’s okay because most other leaders aren’t.

It’s a huge opportunity that’s just waiting for you… are you ready to take it?

Whether it’s a 1-1 or group session, I personalize this entire service around your specific situation. I don’t believe in out-of-the-box solutions because you deserve better than that.

So let’s Schedule Your Free 20-Minute Private Consultation so I can learn about you, your current circumstances, and what success looks like for you.

This is a no-obligation consultation where I provide actionable advice no matter what.

So let’s talk and explore the steps you need to take…

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