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Dude, what’s your car saying about you? A lesson in keeping your message simple.

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Home Depot. Trip #189.
I’m tired. Dirty. And starting to think those hot dogs they sell in front look good. That’s pretty damn hungry.

We get back to the car and see this parking:

Dude, what is your car saying about you?
What are you trying to have it communicate? What’s the message?
I’m lost.

Sure, I can think of a dozen or so things you may mean, but I can’t be exactly sure.
When I posted this picture on my Facebook page, some people saw the message in how you were parked before the license plate.

Have you ever thought you were being clever, but you got blank stares instead of a laugh?

There is such a thing as too clever. It’s when your audience is lost. They don’t get it and good luck getting them back on board. You’ll move on, but they’ll still be a mile back wondering what you meant.

If you want to get your message to your audience, remember to KISS.

Keep It Simple Stupid.

I have no idea where I first heard this – but it’s been with me at least as long as I’ve been in TV. When you’re writing copy for news, you want to keep it simple. If you don’t – and you’re too clever – your audience will miss the next few lines that come out of your mouth because they’ll be stuck trying to figure out what you said a few seconds ago.

In BIG D’s case — if he doesn’t want people to think he means all the D words I can think of… then, it might be a good idea just to say what he means.

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