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The missing piece to your marketing strategy

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You know how important video is to connect with your audience.

I don’t need to convince you.

The stats are all there.

Video will make up 82% of all internet traffic this year.

How do you make sure your messaging doesn’t get lost?

You’re heard? Remembered?

How will you ensure your goal – the reason you want to get a message across – comes through?

I was training the CEO of a nationally known public company this week.

He was creating a video message for his employees.

He has the fancy equipment and team.

But he was missing the right words to reach his team.

And the tone and cadence.

The pieces to really move them.

Inspire them.

Make them act.

Video is powerful.

But you’re even more powerful.

So, what could you be missing from your marketing strategy?




Without YOU, video is weak.

This goes for Zoom video meetings, media interviews, website videos, social media videos and internal videos for your employees.

Don’t leave out YOU next week.

Your audiences came to the YOU party.

They chose to work with YOU.

Don’t disappoint.

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