How to Turn an Internship Into a Paid Job

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Brand new seats.

You don’t have to stand outside in the rain for tickets.

Michael Jordan’s on the move.

Have you been to the United Center in Chicago lately?

I was there yesterday because I have a client who works for one of the teams that play at the United Center. Check out what’s going on inside:

Crews are ripping out the old seats.

YES! New seats. Now, you don’t have to sit on a seat with decades old beer stains.

As I’ve been training this exec, I’ve seen the swarms of summer interns come in and out of the new executive offices. A few may move onto part-time or full-time jobs this fall, if they play their cards right.

Do you know a high school or college student looking for internships for the fall or winter? There are a few key ways they can turn that internship into a full-time job.

I had an internship at a TV station and was hired by another TV station soon after. I had a full-time job waiting for me when I graduated college.

Turning an internship into a job is key. You don’t want to wait to search for a job after you graduate. I talk about it in this recent video, shared live last week on Facebook.

Share it with students you know who are looking for an internship or share it with their parents. The information can truly help give an up-and-comer a leg up in his or her career. Have a question you’d like answered live on Facebook? Send me an email, then be sure to join me each Thursday at 1pm Central at

PS: Here are more pictures from inside the United Center yesterday.

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