Want to get on TV? Don’t repeat the mistake these guys made

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I’ve been on the road a lot this week. I have clients on TV and radio shows in Chicago and New York. Plus, I stopped by the set of the show, “Matter of Fact” in Washington, DC. I produce stories for the show.

“Matter of Fact” is anchored from inside the Newseum. Have you been there? It’s an interactive museum that takes you through the evolution of the earliest print and electronic communication to the technologies of the future.

As I worked on a story for “Matter of Fact” this week, I realized how many people make a huge error when it comes to getting booked in the media.

Do you want media?

Do you want to be seen as the expert the media should call when something happens in your industry?

Here’s something people do all the time — and I want you to learn from them (and me) and not make the same mistake!

I explain it here: How to Get Media (Learn from two experts who made this mistake)

Along my journey as a TV producer, I’ve been asked several questions that I’d like to answer for you.

Have you wondered:

  • How do you get the media attention you deserve?
  • What makes a good TV story?
  • How can you become the go-to expert the media calls first?
  • How can you have more confidence on stage?

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