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Email or text isn’t enough. A mindset switch to instantly win more customers

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My daughter turned three recently.

I spent a couple of weeks brainstorming. I called my contacts to find the perfect gluten-free cake that would also be over the top beautiful, hunted down the best “mermaid rainbow” decorations I could find at a local stationery shop, and built a menu for the weekend. While working almost 10 hours a day.

And someone identified exactly what was going on in my life that week and acted upon it.

That someone also wants to do more business with me.

Actually, it was two women who saw it. Two business owners I have worked with recently took action. And after they did, I sent them more business and will send them a lot more.

Here’s what they did to win my loyalty and my business

With these seemingly simple actions, I felt taken care of and that they understood me.

  1. They listened to me. The fact that I was planning my daughter’s birthday came up in a call that week. They heard it and took note.
  2. On the day of the birthday, they sent me the most beautiful flowers from a local florist, and with it, the most elegant note. The flowers were not for my daughter. They were for me.
  3. They knew where my mind was at that moment and they reached me. They were implanted in my mind that day — and will be forever now.

When you target your messaging, whether it’s on stage, in a video, on social media, in a media interview, or in a gift – you can win a lifetime client, customer, patient, donor – whatever your goal is.

Incredible things happen when you communicate genuinely

If you genuinely know how to see your customers, talk to them, support them… this is true communication. This is success. This is relationship building. This is lifelong success.

These two business owners celebrated me by sending me unique flowers and very personal note: “… we wanted to celebrate you for being an inspiration in every way as an entrepreneur and a mom. The world is brighter because of you.”

With that, they won my business. They won my clients business forever. They won my trust.

They showed me they not only see me, but they can see my clients because they have the grace and the wisdom to know what people are going through at any given time.

Something to think about this week before you write an email, make a phone call, write a social media post, or create an online presentation or speech.

Or find a creative way to say Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers of all kinds in your life.

If we can see each other and communicate that – we can make a more significant impact.

We build stronger connections. Build bigger brands. Attract more clients, patients, donors, and employees.

And for my fellow moms waking up at 5 (or earlier) trying to get some personal time before spending the day running a company, managing employees, and making sure you’re present and calm (let’s do our best) with your children each day:

Happy Mother’s Day.

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