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Are You Going to



Or Are You Going to BRING It?

A scientific discovery… a new cure… a front-page story… a prime-time interview…

You might have millions of dollars riding on this one speaking or media opportunity.

Are you going to wing it? Or are you going to bring it?

As an experienced healthcare professional… you’re used to planning everything. You only allow highly-trained professionals to touch each area of the business.

Yet if you treated your accounting… or even your office cleaning… with as little thought as most healthcare professionals treat their public speaking and interviews… your accounting and your office would be a mess!

You’re a scientist, you set out to cure illnesses, save lives, and help people become healthier…

But are you a great public speaker? Are you made for video and media?

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If you’re honest with yourself… the answer is probably “no.” Very few healthcare professionals are.

When you’re ready to become one of the elite healthcare professionals who can bring in millions of dollars for your hospital or practice… just through one talk or interview…

Then you need to know this secret:

Most of the healthcare professionals who shine on stage and on video weren’t born that way.

They learned how to do it. More specifically… they trained to do it.

This means… most of them had public speaking and media trainers.

High Performance is a

Performing Art...

Kathryn Janicek Image

You may not realize it… but public speaking and media are performing arts. They have more in common with being a singer or an actor than they do with being a business strategist.

Most healthcare professionals think that the things that make them great doctors will also make them great public speakers.

Nothing could be further from the truth. That’s like thinking that the things that make you great at manufacturing and selling microphones will also make you great at singing through the microphones.

You wouldn’t expect to get up on stage and sing a song that electrifies your audience without training.

So why do so many healthcare professionals executives think they can get on stage and give a speech that electrifies their audience without training?

Why do so many healthcare professionals think they can give an Oscar-worthy monologue… without having taken acting lessons?

Without proper training… your talk or interview is at best boring… and at worst DOA. So are whatever results you could have gained for your hospital or practice by giving a rousing talk your audience would never forget.

You may have millions of dollars riding on this one talk or interview. You may have the chance to make your hospital or practice a household name. You’ve invested days out of your schedule to travel to the event.

Are you going to flub this chance just because you didn’t want to spend a few hours learning how to deliver your message powerfully?

Or are you going to be one of the elite speakers who understand the need for training and therefore wins gold?

If you’re ready to win gold for your hospital or practice on stage and on camera…

Then you need an Olympic-worthy trainer.

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Some other speaking and media trainers have a few years of experience being TV anchors, reporters, and on-air talent.

I’m the person who TRAINS the TV anchors and reporters.

If you want to learn to golf better… a great golfer might give you a few pointers.

But a great trainer of golfers will change your game forever.

Kathryn Janicek …

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Hi, I’m

Kathryn Janicek…

A three-time Emmy award-winning media coach and public speaking trainer with 20 years of experience.

I have a passion for helping others turn opportunities into gold, and to say I’ve been doing this with proven success for a long time is an understatement…

This is a Results-Driven Business & I am Driven By Exceptional Results…

This is What My Clients Say About Working With Me

Kathryn Janicek is a rare find.

She has an innate ability to connect with people, meet them where they are and bring them farther than they thought they could go, it’s amazing to watch. Cookie-cutter media trainings just don’t cut it with Kathryn, she adapts, pivots, and freely shares her knowledge and most importantly her passion. She knows how to draw people in and create a comfortable but challenging place to learn. There is nothing better.

College of American Pathologists

She is born with incredible business skills and her recommendations for media were localized and strategic.

I knew Kathryn would be my savinggrace. Her connections, her media savvy, her organization, and her quickness is an asset… she is born with incredible business skills and her recommendations for media were localized and strategic. Awesome. She handled the hard stuff with ease, and when I needed last minute assistance, onsite in Chicago, she said “I got this. Tell me time and location.” And just like the fairy Godmother of Everything, she granted that wish too. Because of this, I’ve hired her for more projects and am already recommending her to my colleagues in Chicago and beyond.

Emilia Serrano

Emilia Serrano

TV and Film Writer ABC, Fox, TNT

When I need the best in Chicago for media coaching, executive production, TV production/personality or scripting, editing and telling “THE STORY”; I go to Kathryn Janicek!

There is no one else in the country I would rely on for my media and production strategies than Kathryn. I have watched this executive producer lead market 3’s top morning news show, direct and create amazing and compelling stories for TV and global corporations as well as volunteer her limited spare time to better her community by helping non profits close to her heart. Kathryn will assess, study and then create your communications strategy and then visually align it with your desired message. She will collaboratively design and produce your TV or production needs that will drive response, ROI and evoke emotion. I have seen many media professionals in my experience as a leader in the non profit space and Kathryn continues to rise above and exceed all expectations.

Michael Ziener

Michael Ziener

Senior Director, American Cancer Society

I would recommend this course to anyone as a great starting point to figure out how to start spreading your message in the media.

Mary Curnutte

Mary Curnutte

M.S., R.D., L.D

Registered Dietician, Public Health Professional

Kathryn quickly understood the needs of our organization and helped energize and polish our key executives for an upcoming speaking event.

We saw overwhelming improvement and look forward to continuing to work with her. There’s no one better!

Julia Weiss

Julia Weiss

Director of Communications, CoinFlip
The world’s largest network of cryptocurrency ATMs & Chicago's fastest-growing company.

Kathryn Janicek is a seasoned media expert who has helped me take my professional speaking, branding, image, and media presence to the next level.

I most appreciate her intelligence, vast knowledge, key contacts, keen insight and candor. She helps me eliminate my blind spots by giving me trusted feedback I needed to hear in a way that is constructive and supportive.

Joyce Marter

Joyce Marter


NationalSpeaker, Author, & Midwest Chair of the American Counseling Association

I can’t thank Kathryn enough for all the help she has given me.

She has been excellent in providing personalized, individual advice in public speaking and presentation. Her training and constructive encouragement has helped me accomplish more than I ever would have had. The techniques I have learned have already made a difference, and will continue to do so for years to come. I would highly recommend her for anyone who is looking for ways to advance their careers or develop important life skills that may not have been taught in a classroom setting, such as skills in public speaking, presentation, or social etiquette on a professional level.




When I am on set, whether television or radio, I know I’m prepared because she prepared! I know I’m in good hands.

It’s really hard to sum Kathryn up in a line or two. She’s really an amazing person. Her drive, determination, attention to detail and professionalism really sets her apart from anyone else. When I am on set, whether television or radio, I know I’m prepared because she prepared!I know I’m in good hands. I am so blessed to have her as a friend and colleague!

Dr. Lynn O’Connor

Dr. Lynn O’Connor

M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.S., F.A.S.C.R.S.

Colorectal Surgeon, National Speaker, Consultant & Author

Her coaching leads to successful presentations – Kathryn was great!

Kathryn provides excellent feedback that can be immediately implemented.

Megan Richards Martin

Megan Richards Martin

PR, Equinox Fitness Clubs

I killed it! Everyone told me it was the best speech all day and I was very dynamic.

There were more than 400 people there too. Thank you so much for all your help!

Bethany Gomez

Bethany Gomez

Brightfield Group

Want results quickly? Kathryn is your go-to coach!

Adre Anne Tesene

Adre Anne Tesene

Owner, Two Bostons Dog Boutiques

I can assure you she’s the real deal and knows of what she speaks.

Bryan McGruder

Bryan McGruder

WZTV News, Director

With very little lead-time, she reached out to almost 100 bloggers across the country to get placements promoting Super League Gaming.

We had huge ticket sales.

CEO, Super League Gaming

Kathryn has been an amazing help and resource from the beginning.

She knows how to position you to reach the biggest audience and has the relationships to take advantage of everything she teaches. Aside from her knowledge and professionalism, she's energetic, conscientious, hardworking, and kind. Her high standards and quality of work make her an invaluable asset to myself and my team.

Ryan Brockmeier

Ryan Brockmeier

Two Seven Eight Media

Kathryn created amazing videos for us that expertly communicated our mission and vision through story-telling.

She crafted stories that shared the struggles and triumphs of two individuals served by Aspire that captivated our audience and engaged many new donors, volunteers, and partners in our vision of inclusion. Bravo!

Angela Wiley

Angela Wiley


Kathryn helped me when I needed information about broadcast and media careers.

With her level of experience and expertise in the industry, she was able to give great advice on how to find and land a job. She also provided valuable resources and offered to stick by my side until my goals are met. I greatly appreciate everything, thanks Kathryn!

Lauren Guity

Lauren Guity


My interview went really well.

— probably the most confident I’ve felt in an interview setting. I really appreciate it, and can’t thank you enough for the help!

VP, Uber

It was a significant improvement over previous meetings.

and the formal practice/feedback with you definitely paid off. He also had abetter presence visually, which made an impact.

Global Tech company's head of public relations/exec comms talking about our work with their CEO

Kathryn provides excellent feedback that can be immediately implemented.

Her coaching leads to successful presentations!

Pharmaceutical Global Marketing Team

She gave me advice on what to say and focus on during the interview and how to look my best on camera!

I felt very relaxed and comfortable because of her help!

National Fitness Expert

Kathryn's ability to understand how to coach each person was amazing.

You [Kathryn] met people where they needed you to be, and pushed just the right amount based on each personality. I was truly blown away watching that – it’s a real talent that I don’t know I’ve seen before.

COO of a $12B US-Based Company

Our company wouldn't have received the attention nor achieved the growth we've had without her help!

Working with Kathryn was awesome! We had been struggling to get the attention our startup deserved and within a few weeks, Kathryn had us on TV and radio reaching tons of Chicago-natives. Our company wouldn't have received the attention nor achieved the growth we've had without her help!

Brian Curcio

Brian Curcio

Founder, Rapunzl Investments

...as a direct result of her work, more than tripled my promotional/media reach in less than six months.

Mike Minton

Mike Minton

Consulting Leader, Project Mgmt & Quality Specialist

Kathryn's ability to understand how to coach each person was amazing.

You [Kathryn] met people where they needed you to be, and pushed just the right amount based on each personality. I was truly blown away watching that - it's a real talent that I don't know I've seen before.

COO of a $15B US-based company

I have been working with Kathryn on my presentation

 I have been working with Kathryn on my presentation, public speaking, and media skills, and I've learned SO MUCH. I cannot recommend her services highly enough

Sherri Duskey Rinker

Sherri Duskey Rinker

NY Times Bestselling Author and Speaker

You got SO much better!

 One of my Yale colleagues said, "wow, I was watching your old videos compared to your new ones and you got SO much better!"

Yale Neurologist and frequent TV medical expert

I’ve worked with many (many!) media and public speaking trainers over the last 28 years, and I can tell you without hesitation Kathryn is one of the best.

Of course, she’s great at helping with body language, visuals, eye contact, bridging, flagging, landing messages, etc. But where she really shines is in helping folks think about the impression they make and ensuring they’re seen, not just heard.

VP, Media, and Crisis Communications, Fortune 50 Company

I am a Three-Time Emmy
Award Winner & I Want To​

Help You and Your Team Turn Media & Public Speaking Opportunities into Gold

It’s time to get your message across in seconds so what you say becomes a headline.

After all, you’ve spent a ton of money on PR to get your dream interview… or maybe you’re traveling across the country and taking days out of your already busy schedule to deliver an important, possibly life-changing talk… Do You Want To Waste This One Shot?

Of course not! This is why I help busy, ambitious, and talented healthcare professionals like yourself because I know the potential a powerful talk, interview, and media appearance can have.

With 20+ years of experience…

I have the service you need to deliver the results you desire.

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