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How This One Thing in Videos and Online Helps You Sell Your Products and Create Trust

How To Sell Your Products and Create Trust In Videos

This Small Media Mistake Can Drive Customers Away

As a CEO, executive, spokesperson, or business owner, every media appearance and video on your website is an opportunity to attract people to your business. 

Whether your goal is lead generation or talent acquisition – you must make a great first impression.

Yet so many people make this media mistake …

You’re only making a good first impression on your audience if you provide spectacular video audio.

If people can’t HEAR you, how are they supposed to understand your message?

A Missed Opportunity

Recently, our team was in New York, coaching a massive organization on their media – their skills for media appearances, the media on their website and social media, and more.

They showed us a video on their homepage, and there were two major problems with it.

  1. The video was shaky 
  2. And it had terrible audio 

The video wasn’t approachable and didn’t invite you to comment or work with them. 

It didn’t feel like it was building trust or a connection.

Were we surprised? Not really. We see this all the time.

The “Good Enough” Trap

The “good enough” approach sets you up for failure. Yet, CEOs, executives, spokespeople, and business owners fall into it constantly.

They’re busy, have a million responsibilities, and are not EXPERTS in media – so they settle for something good enough.

That’s where we typically come in – you don’t have to keep guessing or settling.

The Solution? Invest in Good Audio

The good news? The solution to this problem isn’t overly complicated.

Fixing bad audio is incredibly simple: use a wireless microphone

You’ll end up with a message your audience can HEAR and want to engage with.

This isn’t revolutionary stuff, but it probably wasn’t even on your radar as a tool you needed.

But it’s on OUR radar. This is what we do – find the little details that greatly impact how you present yourself to the world.