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We Lost Our House (The Lesson to be Learned on Communication)

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A few days ago we lost our house.

We received an email at two o’clock saying that if we didn’t pay up in three hours, we were done.

My husband was out of town, I was managing the two maintenance guys cleaning the stairways in our building and I was renegotiating the contract with a long-time client. And at that moment, I found out, we were losing our home.

Even in the chaos, I could feel that something was off. It wasn’t adding up. I had met most of the players – and I just knew what I read on email wasn’t what they meant to say. I knew something was lost in translation from the lawyers.

When I asked our lawyer if I could just pick up the phone and call the other party — woman to woman — there was laughing.

The deadline came and went and we lost it. We would have to start our house hunting all over again.

I tried not to get emotional about it. The voice inside my head was my father’s saying, “Kathryn, a home is not an emotional purchase. It’s a business transaction. Don’t get attached.”

I told myself, forget it – and tried to move on. The problem was, I kept having the nagging feeling that something wasn’t right.

A few hours later, our realtor called saying the seller had no idea her lawyer sent the email and she did NOT want to kill the deal. The deal was dead at the moment – but it was so good to hear that my intuition was right on.

The seller’s message was completely miscommunicated through the lawyers to us. She wanted to sell to us – and wanted us to be happy. What could have been a real setback for her and quite frankly, us — turned out to be fixed with clear communication once I was able to talk to her.

Woman to woman.

Have you ever had your message miscommunicated? Through lawyers? Via a promotion? Through your salespeople? In the media?

Do you want to have more confidence telling your story yourself — so it doesn’t get changed, twisted and end up hurting your business?

Not sure what story to sell to reporters – that will, in turn, sell your company?

This video provides some answers on how you can find the right message to land media coverage. I’m joined by digital marketing expert and owner of mConnexions, Julie Holton, to talk about how to find the right story to tell, how to make sure your message isn’t misconstrued, and then the best places to market that message.


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