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This May Offend You… But If You’re Doing It, You Are Offending Potential Customers

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My husband and I closed on a home a few weeks ago. We lost it at first, but the sale ended up going through. You can learn from what happened to us. Here’s what you can do so you don’t let a sale slip through your fingers.

For the past two weeks, I’ve hosted all kinds repairmen (they were all guys, not being sexist) and salespeople to give us quotes on everything from windows to a new lawn.

Overwhelmingly, I found that companies need to get serious about something they’re probably too afraid to address.

I’m not afraid.

So today, we’re getting serious about stink.

I know… it’s tough to talk about. You may have a co-worker who wears WAY too much cologne or perfume — or an employee who smokes what smells like a pack of cigs right before every meeting. It’s something you HAVE to talk about. Especially if you have salespeople. Which we all are, right? No matter what you do for a company – you’re selling that brand.

Tuesday, there was the guy from a hugely popular appliance store in the Chicago area who showed up wearing what smelled like a bottle of cologne.

Later that afternoon, a plumber came in smelling like he was STILL smoking. It was oozing out of his pores.

This is a big deal. You may have a client who won’t want to work with your company again because of that one representative.

You may not close a deal because a company won’t want to work with the “stinky perfume lady”.

This is not off the table to talk about with your employees or to even address in an employee guide along with wardrobe. It’s a piece of public speaking and sales that cannot be ignored.

I talk more about it here:

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