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What NOT to Do When You’re on TV or Speaking in Public

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When I’m watching TV news, my ears always perk up when I hear real estate or investing stories. The other day, I was watching CBS This Morning while running around the house.

We just purchased a house and we’re in moving mode packing and interviewing renters to live in our other place, so this story on TV particularly caught my attention.

The mayor of Reno, Nev-AA-da (she went on and on about how to properly pronounce Nevada) was on talking about the growth there, housing prices and why people were attracted to the area.

I was listening without watching – but became annoyed and distracted by something during the interview. I no longer was hearing what she was saying. Instead, I heard this clanging.

I tried to tune it out – but I couldn’t.

It was this… can you hear it?

At first, I thought it was her jewelry, but when she came back on camera, I saw it wasn’t a jewelry issue. I coach all my clients NOT to wear “loud” jewelry on camera or on stage. Not loud as in color – but loud as in banging up against your microphone. It’s very distracting.

But after they took another wide shot of her and the anchors – I could see it was her rings banging up against her coffee mug.

Lesson learned: don’t make movements that make noise and compete against your own voice. You want your audience to hear YOU and not your clothing, jewelry or shoes shuffling on the ground. Whether you’re on TV, speaking at a podium, or across the table from your executives in the boardroom, it’s your CONTENT we want them to remember — not the banging of your rings against a coffee mug.

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Kathryn Janicek | Media Coach, Producer, Public Speaking Trainer
Kathryn Janicek is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer with 20 years of experience working in newsrooms across the country. Kathryn coached talent, producers, and writers before switching her focus on helping entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Now, based in her home city of Chicago, she is a much sought-after media coach and public speaking trainer who will help you produce the best YOU. Click HERE now to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Kathryn!