Slide Savvy: Avoid This Presentation Pitfall

Slide Savvy: Avoid This Presentation Pitfall

The Presentation Pitfall Everyone Makes (and How to Avoid It)

There’s a huge mistake nearly everyone makes when it comes to giving slide presentations.

You might be doing this without even knowing…

It’s okay, I’m here to protect you.

If you want people to …

  • Pay attention to you
  • Buy from you
  • Invest in you
  • Or do whatever it is you want them to do …

Stop STARTING with the slides.

Imagine you log onto a webinar, and the first thing you see is a slide deck.

No human.

No person talking to you.

No connection.

Just a boring old slide filling the screen.

It’s probably not that hard to imagine because it happens all the time.

You might hear the presenter’s voice – but their face is hidden behind the content. 

The person – the actual entity you’re supposed to be connected with – is trapped in a tiny little Zoom box.

You can’t connect with them. You can barely even see their eyes.

Do you feel their passion for the subject? The brand? The product?

You. Don’t. Know.

You. Can’t. See. Them.

Despite how common it is, this approach misses a key element of effective communication: the personal connection between the presenter and the audience.

So, what’s the solution?

The Right Way To Engage Your Audience And Make An Impact With Your Presentation

If you want to engage your audience and make an impact with your presentation, come out on camera WITHOUT the slides and make a connection with your audience first.

Start by building a relationship.

Start by building trust.

This initial face-to-face interaction will grow the audience’s confidence in you – and the tone for the rest of your presentation.

 It’s not just about starting strong – it’s also about ending on the right note. 

When concluding your presentation, don’t stay stuck behind your slides. Instead, return to the camera to deliver your final remarks. 

This lets you maintain that crucial connection with your audience as you summarize your key points and deliver your call to action.

Why does this approach work?

Being visible on camera throughout your presentation creates a personal and engaging experience for your audience. They can look you in the eye, see your facial expressions, hear the tone of your voice, and feel a deeper connection to you as the presenter. 

This human element is essential for building trust and making your message resonate with your audience.

The next time you prepare a slide presentation, remember this valuable tip:

Always start and end with yourself on camera.

Build that trust, make that connection, and watch as your presentations become more impactful than ever before.