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Steal Back Your Time: Creating Boundaries So You Can Be More Present 

Stop Feeling Rushed – Your Audience Can Tell

If you were to open your calendar right now, how much time would you have for yourself?

Are you rushing from meeting to meeting to meeting to have conversations with your team, deliver presentations, or be interviewed by the media?

As a leader, you’re constantly juggling meetings, calls, and unexpected crises. You’re just trying to keep up, and before you know it, a big presentation is staring you down, and you haven’t had a moment to BREATHE – let alone prepare.

Sound familiar? 

Chances are, it shows in your message if you’re struggling to keep up with a jam-packed calendar and never have a moment to gather your thoughts.

When you don’t have time to prepare, that’s when you sound exasperated and fill with all kinds of  “ums” and “uhs” (filler words).

And it’s going to appear as if they weren’t worth the time to plan.

We know this isn’t how you feel as a leader.

And … you’re not alone. 

At Janicek Performance Group, we coach C-Suite executives and leaders with a simple but powerful tip for regaining control of their schedules: steal your time.

Steal it before someone steals it from you!

The key is to be PROACTIVE. When you’re booked for a presentation or meeting, block out dedicated time in your calendar to prepare and debrief. 

Here’s how you’ll do it:

Block Your Calendar

When you’re booked for a presentation, carve out dedicated prep time. Treat it like any other important meeting – protect it fiercely. 

At the beginning, start small: aim for 30 minutes the day before, another 30 minutes the morning of, and block 15 minutes right before to shield yourself from last-minute firefighting.

Focus Before the Frenzy

Use your stolen time wisely. Gather your thoughts, organize your material, and rehearse your delivery. This helps you walk into the room confident, clear-headed, and not scrambling for words.

Debrief After You Deliver

You’ll like some things you did – and not like other aspects. Document quickly. You’re going to forget everything you learned faster than you think. Don’t lose those thoughts in the whirlwind after.

Take a quick 5 minutes with your team to reflect. Discuss what worked well and what could be improved for the next time.

Taking control of your schedule and prioritizing focused preparation might seem selfish.

But it’s not.

Shouldn’t you be putting you and your team first? 

Investing this time in yourself is a strategic investment in your leadership.

A well-prepared leader is a CONFIDENT leader, and a confident leader inspires and motivates their team. You’ll be able to deliver clear presentations, answer questions thoughtfully, and navigate unexpected situations.

This is a MUST for you to be an effective leader. Start taking back control.

Take control of your schedule, prioritize focused preparation, and show up as the leader your team DESERVES.

Our team is here for you when you need support.