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Why Hire Me? If You Want to Double, Triple, or 10x Your Business…

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I have amazing clients — but I’m always looking to help more people.

I’m often asked, “Who should hire you?” And, “Why should someone hire you?”

These answers are nicely outlined in a book I helped write last year that made it onto the Amazon best-sellers list.  I’m giving away free copies of the book to the first 50 people who ask for it.

Success Hackers Book - Kathryn Janicek

In the meantime, here’s a little excerpt from the book where I explain who I am and why you should hire me:

I’ve won three Emmys for breaking news and social media – and two Associated Press awards. I’ve been in media for almost twenty years. I have worked in cities across the United States as a TV news executive producer, producer, VP of news for a national network and a spokesperson for law enforcement. 

My career sent me to seven cities in less than 15 years – and when it was time for me to make my next career jump a few years ago – it meant moving to LA or NYC to move up and make more money. I wanted to stay close to my family, keep growing my network and roots in Chicago. I love Chicago because of the culture, theatre, work ethic, restaurants, neighborhoods, media… it’s a perfect city. It was time for me to figure out what was next without moving.

The problem was – I didn’t think I had skills that were translatable to another career. What exactly did I do? I wanted to leverage all the knowledge I had soaked up over the years. I knew how to produce television – live and taped… lead anchors, reporters and a team of producers and writers. I juggled live shots, a chopper and kept the weather guy talking when a story needed a few more seconds before it was ready to make air. I knew what was important for my viewers to learn… what was trending, how to dig up a story… how to train people on how to write news for TV, web and radio… but at the time, I didn’t know how to create a company out of that – unless I started my own television network.

I only realized my skills – when people started asking me to help them. I got clients immediately because once I was a free agent, people told me what they wanted from me. I didn’t go out and decide what to do. People came to me and said:

  • “I could really use help with media strategy.”
  • “I want to get better at delivering big speeches. I want to know what to wear and what to do with my hands on stage.”
  • “I want to get into the media. I want my fifteen minutes. I want free publicity.”
  • “I want my story out there.”
  • “My client needs a media coach.”
  • “I want to sell more.”
  • “I want to put more butts in seats at my restaurant.”
  • “Can you help me?”

That’s how I started Kathryn Janicek Productions.

I guide organizations in media and public speaking training. I coach executives looking to move up in their career, those who are making major speeches for the first or 100th time — and spokespeople who need to get “media ready.” They need help delivering a better message – a more memorable message. And I produce that for them. I also coach people who speak English as their second or third language – helping them with delivery, pronunciation, vocabulary, cultural things… whatever they need.

Some clients have really wanted to be on TV – or be seen as an expert in their field – but they need help getting their story out of them. I guide them on what a writer or producer may find interesting about them… and then I coach them on how to perform better when it comes to being on TV or radio, or how to give a more impactful quote so it makes the newspaper article or the magazine article.

And I haven’t stopped producing stories and video. I produce videos for clients because video is KING online. If you don’t have video – you cannot connect with your future clients. Not only will a well-produced video help your sales team share WHY a client should purchase your services or products, but video will help people connect to the people behind your company if you have a well-produced video on your homepage. Video should also be used on social media to attract future clients. Video is also what Facebook’s algorithm favors over any other content. You will be seen by MORE people and future customers if you have video. Video also gets more eyeballs on LinkedIn. This is why video is King when it comes to content.

I also produce stories for television. I produce for Soledad O’Brien’s show, Matter of Fact, on Hearst stations across the United States. I’ve also produced TV shows for PBS worldwide. I dig up the stories, plan the shoots, find the interviews – direct the crew – and then write the stories for TV and online. It’s been fun to travel to a few places I haven’t seen. For the majority of my career, I spent an ungodly amount of hours each day inside a newsroom. It’s nice to experience things in person – and not just through monitors in a control room.

That’s what I help people do. I can’t take credit for finding that myself. People started asking for help.

I followed the demand. Supply and demand. I listen to my customers and help them produce the results they want.

My most common client is a rock star at what they do. They’re in their 30s, 40s, 50s and 60+ — and the two things they all have in common is they’re an expert in their industry – and they need work when it comes to translating their message to a crowd and making sure their content sticks. I teach people how to make their message more relatable to a larger crowd, how to get more emotion when they present so people say “Wow! I want to work for that person,” or “I want to know that person,” “I want to buy their book,” or, “I believe in their company.” I teach people how to present better so they can attract more clients. I produce the best YOU.

If they need more energy — I help them inject that into their presentation skills. If they need help engaging their audience – I show them how to create more memorable messages. Sometimes they need more confidence so they can shine either at work or during a major presentation. I help with that too.

They learn how to breathe correctly – how to deliver their message – what to wear in different scenarios – ways their posture changes their message – how to alter their tone to change how the message is delivered – how and where to sit at a conference room table – how to end and start sentences in an authoritative way – what colors to wear – how to carry themselves on stage or during an interview – how to make a statement without going overboard when it comes to makeup (men too) and jewelry… and how to work with stage lighting. One of the biggest improvements I made with a client’s overall presentation had to do with his eyebrows.

In this video, I outline what you need to know before you show up to a public speaking event. This is very helpful information that will prepare you — and make you feel and look more confident:

If a client is preparing for an interview – we go through key points they need to land. Even if the hiring manager doesn’t ask – we practice ways to make sure those messages are delivered – and the employer sees the client is incredible.

I think people more in their 30s, 40s get it. They say, “There’s a reason I haven’t been able to move up,” or, “Maybe there’s a reason I haven’t been able to get my story out in the media or sell more,” or, “I’m a financial advisor like her – why haven’t I been able to get into an article in Forbes or on a cable news segment?” — and then they finally act on it and hire help.

I would absolutely love to help more people who are just starting out, but usually, it’s by mentoring. Many people in their 20’s, who need the coaching respond, “You’re x-amount per hour or x-amount per month? I really can’t afford that.” They haven’t realized yet that you MUST invest in yourself to come off as your best in an interview or during a presentation.

I produce the best out of people and companies. That’s a service worth paying for.

People need to invest in themselves and this training earlier on so they can avoid performance mistakes. And – they won’t develop bad habits!

I think that if we all could have been a better-produced version of ourselves in our 20s we might have worked up the career ladder a little faster.

Success Hackers Book - Kathryn Janicek

Kathryn Janicek | Media Coach, Producer, Public Speaking Trainer
Kathryn Janicek is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television producer with 20 years of experience working in newsrooms across the country. Kathryn coached talent, producers, and writers before switching her focus on helping entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Now, based in her home city of Chicago, she is a much sought-after media coach and public speaking trainer who will help you produce the best YOU. Click HERE now to book a complimentary 30 minute consultation with Kathryn!