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Silver Linings in a Pandemic

I miss my mom. And yes, even though we may bicker when we’re together, I really miss my sisters. I felt very guilty on Easter morning for feeling lonely. For missing my family. How can you feel lonely if your house is full? I still did. I screwed up the pierogis. I’ve never made them. […]

How to look your best on video conference calls

People around the world are finding themselves working and conducting media interviews from home for the first time. The COVID-19 pandemic is forcing many to move their in-person meetings to video conferencing on platforms like Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts and GoToMeeting. It’s also changing the media landscape. Interviews that used to be done from a […]

How to Look Better Under Stage Lights or on Camera

Many of my clients had a successful career, but are now looking for help with their public speaking careers. Some are looking for opportunities to get on live TV to talk about their companies or their story. Do you know how to prepare so you look your best? I’m going to show you how you […]

3 Things to Ask Before you Show up to a Public Speaking Gig

Many of my clients had a successful career, but are now looking for help with their public speaking careers. They’re an expert – and have a story to tell. Do you know how to prepare so you hit your presentations out of the park? These are three things to ask before you show up to a […]

Eight Reasons to Hire a Former Television Producer

So a television producer has applied for a job with your company. Should you give them a chance? After all, what does TV producing have to do with running your business? A lot, actually. Producers can be ideal candidates. Not just for jobs in public relations or marketing, but also nearly any position that requires […]

How to Survive Facebook’s Algorithm Changes

Are your posts taking a hit from the recent Facebook algorithm changes? You’re not alone! It’s all the buzz right now on social media as we all try to adjust our strategies. With so many myths circulating the internet, I turned to my own Marketing Director for guidance. Here is a guest blog post from […]

How to avoid the mistake the White House made this week

I send out an email almost daily that goes to clients, former clients and future clients. On Sunday, I sent a media tip that many would say is obvious. Kind of a “no duh.” I even called it “unsexy.” But au contraire, my friend… I’m sure you’ve heard by now that tickets to President Donald […]

How to get on TV (or anywhere else in the media)

So you have a story to tell and you think the news should tell it? You want to help more people by getting on a major platform like television? You saw a guy you went to college with, you two have the same amount of experience… yet HE ALWAYS gets interviewed when the news is […]