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The story of a big potty, accents and communicating

In the art of communication, it’s not just what we say, but how we say it that can determine whether or not we are reaching our audience. In this lesson: the story of a big potty, accents, and communicating. We moved to Massachusetts when I was in second grade. This was the first of the […]

Apple iOS Bug: A Big Lesson in Communication

For so many of us who rely on our phones to get work done on deadline, Apple’s iOS text glitch was much more than an inconvenience; it was a lesson in what happens when we are unable to communicate effectively. Where were you when the iOS bug hit? I’ll never forget. I was in a […]

Knowing your audience when speaking in public

We experienced a family medical emergency a few weeks ago and had to spend time in a hospital. You pay close attention to the mannerisms and language of doctors when it’s important. You want to know what they’re really saying when they’re talking. It was mostly good… the normal, “I’m sorry we’re meeting in this situation” and […]

Preparing for an emergency like the Las Vegas shootings

My prayers are with you – especially if you had friends or family hurt in the Las Vegas murders. My prayers are with all of us as we keep going forward after each shooting. After each mass casualty. After any major event, experts are needed for the media coverage. A few hours into the Las Vegas coverage […]

How to save face in an interview and deflect like Jane Fonda

You’re interviewing for a job. You’re getting ready for a media interview. But you’re afraid — what if they ask you a question that you don’t want to answer? Or can’t answer? I’m going to show you exactly what Jane Fonda did this week – and how you can do the same when you don’t […]

It’s Not Fair | The Melania Trump Edition

She was judged for what she wore. She was ripped apart online. She was called out of touch. We only saw a picture. We didn’t know her itinerary. Yet she was judged for what she wore. Every detail was outlined and ridiculed from her stilettos to her sunglasses. She was never intending to get on […]

Why public speaking is the most important skill you need

Working on ONE skill this year will raise your value by 50 percent. 50%! The skill is public speaking. When Warren Buffett went to college, he avoided all classes that would require public speaking. He was terrified of it! When he graduated, he realized his fear of public speaking was killing his ability to move […]