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From Mumbler to Master

from mumbler to master

In a world where mumbling seems to be the norm, where conversations often dissolve into a chorus of “What? What?” it’s no wonder why clarity in speech can sometimes feel like a lost art.

Have you noticed how hard it is to hear people sometimes? 

It’s because we are a nation of lazy speakers.

There’s a tip we always give our clients to help them with their enunciation.

There is one thing in your house right now you can use – a great tool to work on your enunciation, practice opening your mouth when you speak, and be understood anywhere you go.

It’s Dr. Seuss books.

You know, the ones that go …

Knox in box. Fox in socks.

Knox on fox in socks in box.

Socks on Knox and Knox in box.

Fox in socks on box on Knox.

Yes, the books penned by the beloved children’s author are not just entertaining stories for young readers.

Fox in Socks is a book I’ve been reading with my daughter since she was a baby, but not just for her.

For the last five years, I’ve been reading Dr. Seuss books, and I will tell you, those rhymes and tongue twisters are an incredible vocal exercise to help your enunciation.

Here’s what to do:

With a wide open mouth so you can articulate each word clearly …

  • Say it fast.
  • Say it slowly.
  • Say it high.
  • Say it low.
  • Repeat.

Don’t be afraid to repeat the same rhymes multiple times. The more you practice, the more natural and effortless your enunciation will become.

When you work on saying them really fast and then really, really slowly, using really high voices and then really low voices, I promise you, as silly as that sounds, you will become a much more engaging presenter.

Any time you need to talk to someone, you will be heard more, and you will make a bigger impact if you utilize these books.

Find all the Dr. Seuss books you can and really enunciate them, and you will be less of a mumbler.

Do you have a presentation coming up? 

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