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Are you ready to make a greater impact with your communications?

Deepen Your Confidence.

Expand Your Leadership.

Be Heard & Be Seen.

Beyond that, we’re going to give you a network & community that is like no other.

We don’t just train on how to be a better communicator to make the biggest impact. We take our clients in as family and introduce them to our community of experts to help them with every facet of their lives – professionally and personally.

We will take care of you, too.

My confidence has grown. I don't have to convince people anymore, I'm receiving recognition, and I've found a community I didn’t even know existed.
Dalal Alhajji, DMD, MSD
NYU Langone Health
Kathryn wants you to win! I feel prepared for media, I've received many more opportunities, and have grown my network immensely.
Lynn M. O'Connor, MD, MPH
Colorectal Surgeon & Cancer Specialist
I am much more confident now in everything from preparation to appearance and everyone notices a difference!
Dr. Sharon S. Stoll, Neuroimmunologist
Yale School of Medicine

After years spent training healthcare professionals to not only find their voice, but to use it in a way that creates a major impact, I've curated a rich and holistic training that serves the community of women in healthcare looking to truly have their voice heard.

What does that mean?

I’ve seen it, I’ve lived it and now I’m sharing my tools, my experience and the proven techniques I’ve found that will take you from a nervous whisper to a confident voice that gets paid for speaking events, media appearances, board seats, and more.

I’ve been media training executives, healthcare professionals, and entrepreneurs for the majority of my professional career now. As the media and public speaking trainer for the American Dental Association, the College of American Pathologists, the Congress of Neurological Surgeons, and many other organizations, I’ve had the honor to work with many physicians worldwide.

I’ve also privately trained healthcare professionals at Harvard, Yale, Mayo Clinic, NYU, and other hospitals. Something that I’ve learned is there are mistakes happening in women’s healthcare because there are not enough women leaders in healthcare. That is why I want to work with and help more women, training them to attune to and become aware of every little thing that affects their voice being heard really ignites my soul.

Advocating for women – for you – and witnessing the incredible power that comes when you share your voice in an impactful, articulate, intentional, and authentic way is the foundation for the change we are seeking in this world.

It starts with us. It starts with YOU. And your voice. Your unique, powerful, beautiful voice.

It’s time to speak up and I’ve made it my mission to help more women.

I’m extremely passionate about women in healthcare, specifically, sharing their voices and advocating for women everywhere so fewer patients die from preventable diseases and/or in childbirth.

84% of pregnancy related deaths in the US alone are preventable.

Plus – the maternal death rate among Black Americans is much higher than other racial groups; in 2021 it was 69.9 per 100,000, which is 2.6 times higher than the rate for White women. This has to stop.

I’ve also personally experienced moments of distress in our current healthcare system. I was pregnant with twin girls, going in for my amniocentesis and found out there was no heartbeat for either one of them.

I was hysterical. Shaming myself for the things I thought I did wrong.

The doctor came in with zero empathy and without considering who his audience was (me), proceeded to ask the two residents with him if they had ever thrown darts at a bar – because that’s what they were about to do to me during the amniocentesis.

I was dismayed, horrified, and heartbroken.

I’ve helped thousands of people gain confidence in their voice and learn how to use it with awareness and impact.

Have Your Voice Heard is all about making sure that your message gets across, that you’re not talked over, that you’re not dismissed, that your voice stands out, that your voice is heard, that people remember you, leading them to take action.

Tell me if this sounds


You see colleagues landing media interviews that you want and you’re not sure where to start or maybe you’ve applied and been passed up for leadership positions that you are well qualified for.

You see your male colleagues being quoted on television or giving keynotes for big medical conferences and you wonder “What are they doing that I’m not?”

You read a publication on the top new practices of the year and your practice has the best reviews, substantial growth, but still, you aren’t being asked for interviews or being included in these publications.

Sure, maybe you get media inquiries but they come at the busiest time, have a short, tight deadline for answers, and come sporadically.

You see award announcements for your field and had no idea you needed to submit a nomination for it or maybe you wonder why no one nominated you?


Kathryn Janicek Image

You have an entire talk on the tip of your tongue but everytime you go to submit it you freeze up.

You’ve had patients come through your practice that have been misdiagnosed, passed over, or have lost loved ones in childbirth and you want to advocate for them, to be a voice for them.

You’ve been dismissed, talked over, or brushed off by your colleagues on issues that are important to you and you’re tired of it.

You don’t feel confident or feel as though using your voice will make waves or cause disruption you aren’t sure how to handle.

You found out or have an inkling that you don’t make as much as your male colleagues.

If any one of these statements resonates with you, you’re in the right place.

Who will this program work for?

With this training, you will achieve outcomes such as:

Kathryn Janicek Image

We will answer your questions like:


What Kind of Success Have we Seen?


Membership options:





Early access members will get a pre-launch training session.

You can ask any question you have.


You do not have to have experience being in front of the camera to be in this community.

We never train clients to emulate or be like anchors and reporters. You need to be you. We teach you how to show up fully as your best self on camera. How to be the awesome you that you are, with confidence, after we help alter a few things that might serve as a brick wall between you and the audience. We bring awareness to and help correct the things you do that you may not even realize you’re doing. You might subconsciously do things with your voice or face, eyes, hands, hair, etc. For example, your hair may fall in front of your eyes, blocking the audience from connecting with you. This is just one example of many we see out in the “wild” daily. Our job is to help you connect better with every audience. You need to stay you – and with our help, you will be able to make an even more significant impact whether you’re on camera, on stage, in front of a team, hiring manager, or the board of investors – whomever you need to talk to, you’ll be prepared, period.

Accordion CThis happens to so many people. You are not alone, and it’s normal.
We’ll talk about the physical, mental, procedural, and even dietary techniques you can implement to cut the shaking and nervous feelings down dramatically before you speak on stage, ask for a raise, speak on a webinar, or speak in front of any camera. This translates to doing videos for your website and social media, giving a wedding toast, or even going on a first date. What we teach has a ripple effect that expands into all areas of your life.
There are very specific things you can do, and we will walk you through them all. This community is absolutely for you if you’re ready to calm those nerves and deepen your confidence in a complete and holistic way!

Spoiler alert: There is a video on our Kathryn Janicek Productions YouTube page where Kathryn talks specifically about this and gives a few tips to help you right now. It’s a popular video because many people experience this in the community (again, you’re not alone!). You can check out this specific video here.

Like anything, the more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it. That said, even if you put in very little time, you will get something out of it. We will give you some incredible (and valuable!) full-spectrum tools, including AI and other resources. These will help you master these skills a lot faster. Of course, you will have to practice, and you will have to show up for yourself, but all of our live trainings will be recorded and kept in the group, so if your schedule does not permit you to join us live – you do have the option to self-pace the material.

That’s the beauty of how we designed this training. If you can commit and invest this time for yourself, you’ll get a lot out of it personally and professionally. We created this community specifically for you because we know you’re busy. We’ve worked with women in healthcare for almost eight years, so we know you have a demanding schedule and don’t have much extra time. We intentionally curated this program in a way that will work with your schedule, not against it. Our goal is to provide robust information in a way that will resonate with you and catalyze your growth in bite-sized chunks. That way, you’re still seeing results even if you can’t commit a ton of time to it.

Absolutely! A good majority of people we train are introverts. Some might not necessarily seek out the stage, but there are times when they must present, speak to the board, ask for a raise, give an acceptance speech after receiving an award, or speak to new patients. Others may seek out the stage or are trying to but don’t know how to prepare themselves without overwhelming anxiety and self-doubt beforehand. Then, afterward, they hurry off the stage as quickly as possible, feeling completely drained and exhausted.

We’ve got you no matter which end of the spectrum you’re on. We have a proven methodology that will help you succeed by being present, preparing in a feel-good way, and moving through your speaking experiences in a way that leaves you filled with energy instead of depleted.

We have your back. Part of our curriculum is helping you prepare your messaging in a way that speaks directly to your audience and leaves a lasting impression. As a television writer, producer, executive producer, and then VP of News, our founder, Kathryn Janicek, knows how to write a message that intrigues audiences. We will show you how to shape your messaging to create the most impact. We will also teach you our process so you can integrate it into your preparation routine.