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Three Steps to Build Big Fans and Gain Loyal Customers When You Make a Mistake

Three Steps to Build Big Fans and Gain Loyal Customers When You Make a Mistake

Lessons Learned from a Missing Rug

As a coach, I often share my real-life experiences to help drive home important lessons. 

Today’s story is about my recent encounter with a company that turned into a lesson on how to keep your customers happy – even when things go wrong.

The Rug

My dog – bless her furry soul, decided a living room redesign was in order.

I needed a new rug, and fast, so I hopped online and ordered one from 

Easy. Simple. Right? 

The rug never arrived. 

Lost in Delivery

Three days after it was supposed to arrive, I reached out to customer service.

They offered a simple “let’s try again” without explanation or apology. 

A week later … 

The rug was still MIA.

How To Do It Right

The second call was the same experience. Except this time, the “try again” was a mistake

This whole ordeal is a crash course in what NOT to do in customer service. 

Here’s how you can avoid it:

  1. Apologize with Heart: A sincere apology is powerful. Acknowledge the mistake, show you understand their frustration and express genuine regret.
  1. Action Speaks Louder: Don’t just say you’ll fix it – explain the steps you’re taking. Be transparent, set clear expectations, and keep them updated every step of the way.
  1. Offer a Sweetener: Show your appreciation for their patience with a discount, free shipping, or a bonus item. It shows that you value their business and want to make things right.

Remember, every interaction is a chance to build trust. Following these tips, you can turn a negative into a positive, leaving your customers feeling valued and happy. 

Happy customers are loyal customers, and that’s the kind of sales magic you want!

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