11 02 2022

A lesson from Elton John

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Elton John finally made his way back to Chicago. This was a show originally scheduled for 2020. Like a lot of concerts, it was delayed because of the pandemic. As the months passed, I didn't think he would actually make it back. As you may know, Sir Elton recently had COVID. Was [...]

19 11 2021

I Never Thought I Would Be an Entrepreneur

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I never thought about owning my own business. Entrepreneurialism. Employing other people. Managing their health insurance. Business insurance. Liability insurance. Workers comp insurance. Invoices. Contracts. Changing lives. Helping people earn more money. Showing clients how to move up in their careers. Giving people their confidence back. Changing someone's mindset so [...]

8 11 2021

How to Communicate in a Public Speaking Presentation, Social Media & On Stage So You’re Remembered

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You may know Scott Galloway for his new show coming up on CNN+, but he's also got an e-learning platform called Section4 and I was honored to be asked to present at their Member Lightning Talks recently. The topic was communication, and I was asked to discuss how to communicate [...]