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Preparing for an emergency like the Las Vegas shootings

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My prayers are with you – especially if you had friends or family hurt in the Las Vegas murders. My prayers are with all of us as we keep going forward after each shooting. After each mass casualty.

After any major event, experts are needed for the media coverage.

A few hours into the Las Vegas coverage Monday, I started working on a project for a Chicago TV booker. She was searching for law enforcement professionals for an interview regarding the shooting.

After 20+ years in media, I know lots of good men and women who are currently in or retired from law enforcement.

I reached out to former Chicago Deputy Police Chief, Joe Gandurski, to see if he was available to do some TV.

This isn’t something we want to think about — but here is what the former deputy police chief suggests you do to plan for an emergency like the Las Vegas shootings.

Please read and share this post with your friends. I hope you never have to use this information.

First, here’s the link to the segment I booked Gandurski on. He was live on Chicago’s WCIU-TV yesterday morning.

Now, here are the details from former Deputy Chicago Police Chief, Joe Gandurski, so you can easily share them with friends:

The main goal in any such situation is to survive it. In some of the school shootings simply locking the classroom door was sufficient to save many. In a situation like Las Vegas, a person needs to do whatever he or she can to survive, there are thousands of people in the venue. No one knows what is going on, there is a good while before the situation is grasped, then panic, and what to do? Everyone starts running toward the exits. New possibilities of being trampled, etc. People are dropping around you, no one knows where the shots are coming from, what to do?

The answer to that question is that you use all your instincts and senses and intuition to decide what to do. Your immediate goal is to move from the open to cover, any cover, under the stage, under the sound control area, behind a cement light stand, a concession stand, and then observe and move with the goal of separating yourself distance wise from the shooter as you deem his/her location, a clue is that bodies are not dropping around you. Some folks in Vegas scrambled under cars.

Remember concealment may hide you but may not stop a bullet. Cell phones may be useless with everyone calling. Stay alert, keep a low profile, stay out of the open. If you decide to move, have a place to duck or cover on the way to reach your next position.  Move quickly and not in a straight line.

As a preventative measure, one should always:

  • evaluate the conditions of the venue
  • determine where to go if something like this happens
  • locate the exits
  • avoid wearing flip-flops or heels and wear clothing that allows you to move unrestricted and protects you from debris
  • identify good cover and concealment areas
  • keep your wits about you and be alert
  • be alert to the possibility of multiple shooters at multiple locations
  • be flexible and alert to circumstances as they unfold

The way to help the wounded is to move to safety and report what you saw to authorities. Let them help and treat the wounded. They have equipment and experience. Remember also that law enforcement will be just as confused at the beginning. In this situation, there was probably no way to determine where the shots were coming from for quite a while. When they arrive, they will be looking for information, anyone armed, anyone injured. If you have a weapon in view, you could be shot by responding police.

This is a behavior-changing situation. The idea of going to a concert and getting wasted on alcohol or drugs and having fun is now a risk that people should seriously consider.


Thank you to former Deputy Chicago Police Chief, Joe Gandurski for those tips.

Please share this post with your friends.

Again, I hope you will never have to use this information.

Be safe,


What happens in Vegas doesn’t always stay in Vegas

I was in Vegas last weekend. My husband and I wanted to get away for some pool time before a busy June hit. (It was also my birthday weekend.)

I dumped a few hundred down some slots and he made a hefty deposit while playing the tables. Thank you, Steve Wynn.

We flew in Thursday and didn’t hear about the terror threat until we landed that afternoon. Law enforcement was already boosted by the time we hit the ground. Vegas was a target because an ISIS propaganda video called for lone wolf attacks showed several Las Vegas Strip properties.

No one was really talking about it inside the casinos. Possibly because they were on vacation and drinking too many of these tasty little watermelon and vodka punches. I do know security was ramped up. Kathy Griffin also talked about it during her show. (This was three days before the President Trump beheading video.)

In my head – I was prepared for anything.

I wore sandals at dinners and shows instead of the heels that remained in my luggage. I kept my bag packed and my phone charged. (Speaking of purses… take a look at the tiny little chair waiters bring you for your bag during dinner? They’re really looking out for the girl who doesn’t want to place her handbag on the floor.)

It might be the news producer in me or because I spent three years in law enforcement… or was it all those years in Girl Scouts? I was ready.

My husband? He thought I was being a little ridiculous. But – you never can be too ready.

It’s a little like the bag I bring along on shoots for my clients. I have makeup for men and women. Deodorant, tape, body tape, things to stick in your bra to make your clothing look better, hair ties, blotters, eye cream, my favorite all-natural throat lozenges (ask me about them, they’re amazing)… you name it. You never know what your client will need. My job is to be ready and make them look and sound as best as possible.

Are you ready for your next emergency?

Ready for when the media calls?

Ready to perform?

Ready for your next boardroom pitch/interview/meeting/public speaking event/Facebook Live?

Here are some quick tips on how to prepare that I recently shared live on Facebook (please don’t mind the random thoughts and special appearance by my dog Mariel – when we’re live on Facebook, anything goes!):

I have an entire summer of ways you can get in the media or improve your public speaking — so make sure I’m making it into your inbox and not your spam! Not signed up for my free tips yet? Head on over to this page to start learning how you can get yourself noticed (and make more money).

PS: If you’re going to be in Vegas anytime soon… make sure to catch the Fogerty show. Worth every cent and more. Here’s just a taste of him performing with his sons. What a moment.

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